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Finding Information About Asian Studies

How to do research - published guides

This book provides valuable suggestions on how to conduct research on Asia related topics:

Dowling, David & Beverley Hooper.
Contemporary Asia : a research guide. Perth : University of Western Australia, 1996.
Monash Matheson Library REF 950.429 D747C

Try the following Matheson Library Quick-start Guides

These guides are kept on shelves near the Matheson Library Information Desk.

Chinese Studies
Indonesian Studies
Japanese Studies
Korean Studies
Finding Current Information on Asia (English Language)

Also see these online links which explain the steps to take in gathering information:

University of Melbourne guide:

Library Research - Introduction (University of Melbourne)

Students and staff at our universities can contact one of the Asian Studies librarians to arrange instruction in use of library resources.

Contact Subject Librarians

Contact Subject Librarians
Monash University

Asian Studies Research Collection

Dr Aline Scott-Maxwell,
Senior Asian Studies Librarian
Southeast Asian Studies Librarian
Phone: 9905-2658

Mr Dennis Kishere,
Chinese Studies Librarian
Phone: 9905-9178

Ms Jung-Sim Kim,
Korean Studies Librarian 
Phone: 9905-9127

Ms Ayako Hatta
Japanese Studies Librarian
Phone: 9905-9127

Contact Subject Librarians
University of Melbourne

East Asian Collection

Ms Bick-har Yeung,
East Asian Librarian

Ms Michelle Hall,
Japanese Studies Librarian
Phone: 8344-5365

Dr Aline Scott-Maxwell,
Indonesian Studies Library Consultant
Phone: 8344-5990

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